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Notice and challenge your thoughts using this easy-to-remember THINK acronym


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Ask yourself if your thought is:


Is this thought FACT or opinion?

  • What IS true about this situation?  What ARE the facts?


Is this thought helpful to me? 

  • What WOULD be helpful to think, right now?

Inspiring or Important?

Does this thought inspire me, or is it very important, right now?

  • What IS important, right now?


Do I really need to believe and act on this thought?  Immediately?  Later?  Never?

  • What IS necessary to do, right now?


Is this thought kind to me or others?
Is this thought kind to me?
Is it kind about others?

  • What WOULD be kind, right now?

If you answer NO to any of these THINK questions, you can safely dismiss the thought.  Then choose your new focus of attention.

THINK !   This page as PDF

THINK - video

APPLE: A Mindful Response To Thoughts
- video


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