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Distress Self Help - NOW!

Tell yourself:  STOPP ! 

Take a Breath

Focusing on your breathing slows down the adrenaline response and the distressing thoughts.

Breathe mindfully and notice the sensations of breathing in your belly.  Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. 


Notice what you are thinking and feelings e.g...

  • I'm feeling upset
  • My body's alarm system has been triggered
  • I'm noticing these physical sensations in my body
  • My mind is saying..... (identify the thoughts in words)


Pull Back

  • Is this really true or does it just feel that way?
  • What's the Helicopter View?
  • Is this fact or opinion?
  • What would a friend say about this?
  • What advice would I tell someone else?
  • Even though it feels really bad, these physical sensations are a normal body will pass

Learn effective skills online - The Decider Skills For Self Help online course.

Practise what works / Proceed

What will help and be best for me, others and this situation right now?

Positive Self-talk:

  • I can get through this - I've done it before

  • I'm stronger than I think I am

  • This will pass

  • I can do this

Visualise: Imagine breathing in blue or green, and breathing out red or black (Colour Breathing). Or use your imaginary outdoor peaceful place from imagery self help page

Move your focus of attention: distract yourself and put all your focus of attention onto an engaging activity or use mindful breathing or colour breathing
54321 Mindful and Grounding Exercise

Do what you would be doing if you weren't anxious - and do it mindfully.

Go for a walk or engage in another physical activity. Distract!

Listen to music that you know will help you feel better

Listen to the free Panic First Aid mp3  or download other self help mp3s

FREE MP3 for Panic

Listen Online or Download


De-Stress Now

5 minute video from (below) - includes STOPP

Inspiring Quotes
 Video from

Grounding Techniques

More Self Help Techniques


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