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Free Downloads - Alphabetical List of CBT Worksheets & Information Sheets N to Z


Alphabetical List of CBT Worksheets & Information Sheets

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Sheets A - M         

Sheets N - Z  -  this page below

Cognitive Models & Formulations

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Nourishing and Depleting Activities

NOW:  Mindfulness for Busy People

OCD:  ERP Practice Record (Exposure & Response Prevention)

OC Rituals Diary

OCD Self Help

OCD Thought Record Sheet

OCD  Thoughts checklist

Old System, New System (New Paradigm)


Paddle your own Canoe

Pain / Fatigue Diary

Panic Diary

Panic Self Help

Panic Thought Record Sheet

Panic SAEB System

Paranoia, Delusions and Voices:   Information & Self Help leaflet

Perfectionism Thought Record Sheet

Person Centred Model

Phobias Self Help

Pictorial Thought Record Sheet

Poisoned Parrot

Positive Affirmations

Positive Data Log

Positive Data Log 2

Positive Data Log 3

Positive Personal Qualities

Positive Personal Qualities Diary

Positive Personal Qualities Survey

Positive Self-Talk

Positive Steps to Wellbeing

Postponing Worry

Preventing Setbacks (Relapse Prevention Blueprint)

Problem / Goal Framework

Problem Solving Worksheet

PTSD:  Coping with Flashbacks

PTSD:  Discrimination Worksheet for Flashbacks

PTSD Metaphor (The Processing Factory)

PTSD Self Help

PTSD Thought Record Sheet

Psychosis:  ABC for Paranoia

Psychosis ABC for Voices

Psychosis:  5 Aspects Model for Paranoia

Psychosis:  5 Aspects Model for Voices

Psychosis:  Bipolar Mood Management

Psychosis Clock

Psychosis: Paranoia, Delusions & Voices Self Help

Psychosis:  Personal Recovery & Maintenance Plan for Psychosis


Reality vs Expectation

Personal Recovery & Maintenance Plan for Psychosis

PWP Session Notes

Relationship Worksheet


Reminder Cards:  8 cards of various skills

Responsibility Pie

Rucksacks:  Therapy metaphor

Rumination & Worry

Safe Place Imagery

Safety Plan

Safety Plan Cards

Self Coaching Session Form

Self Esteem Thought Record Sheet

Self Esteem:  Quick Reference

Self Esteem Self Help

Self-Compassion Thought Record Sheet

Self-Help Course - 60 page booklet

SEPTB Diary:  Thought Record Sheet

Session Notes

Session Notes with Prompts

Session Summary and Homework Sheet

SHARP Specs:  Notice the Positives

Situation Logsheet

Sleep Diary

Sleep:   Information & Self Help leaflet

Social Anxiety Self Help Guide

Social Anxiety Thought Record Sheet

STOPP: Light 2 x A5

STOPP:  Cards (8 to A4 sheet)

STOPP:  Leaflet 2 x A5

STOPP:  Leaflet  A4

STOPP:  Light A4

STOPP:  Thought Challenge Sheet

STOPP:  Worksheet

Stress Response Diagram

Stress Self Help

Substance Misuse Workbook

Substance Misuse:   Information & Self Help leaflet

Substance Use Diary

Suicidal:  Crisis Management Plan

Suicidal:  Safety Plan

Suicidal:  Safety Plan Cards

Suicidal Thoughts:  Coping with

Super Scanner

Super Scanner:  Health Anxiety

Ten Secrets to Happiness

The BPD Tool:  Clinician's Guide

The Container

The Helicopter View

The Helicopter View Worksheet

The Judge

The Mental Crusher

The Perfection Scale

The Poisoned Parrot

The Thermometer

The Visitor: Mindfulness Exercises

The Worry Tree



Therapy Goals

Therapy Metaphors


Thought Record Sheet:  6 column

Thought Record Sheet:  7 column

Thought Record Sheet:  Anger

Thought Record Sheet:  Anorexia

Thought Record Sheet:  Anxiety

Thought Record Sheet:  Body Dysmorphia

Thought Record Sheet:  Critical Voice

Thought Record Sheet:  Depression

Thought Record Sheet:  Health Anxiety

Thought Record Sheet:  OCD

Thought Record Sheet:  Panic

Thought Record SheetPictorial

Thought Record Sheet:  PTSD

Thought Record Sheet:  Self Esteem

Thought Record Sheet:  Self-Compassion

Thought Record Sheet:  SEPTB

Thought Record Sheet:  Social Anxiety

Thought Record Sheet:  STOPP

Thought Record Sheet:  Perfectionism

Thought Record Sheet:  Worry (GAD)

Thought Record Sheet:  Worry (GAD) 2 - Beliefs about Worry

Time Line

Tolerating Uncertainty

Trauma and the Brain:  Explaining PTSD

Treatment Plan

Unhelpful Thinking Habits

Unhelpful Thinking Habits with Alternatives

Using Music Therapeutically

Vicious and Virtuous Cycles

Vicious Cogs Formulation

Vicious Cycle in Pictures

Vicious Cycles and Alternatives

Vicious Flower Formulation

Vicious Cogs of Anger

Virtuous Flower Formulation

Weekly Planner:  Activity Scheduling (Work, Rest & Play)

What Now?  Ending Therapy

Wheel of Emotions

Why be Mindful?

Wise Mind Worksheet

Working with Imagery

Worry (GAD) Thought Record Sheet

GAD: Worry Record Sheet

Worry Tree

Worry Zones / Postponing Worry

Writing as Therapy








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Sheets A - M      Sheets N - Z      

Cognitive Models & Formulations

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