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Free Downloads 2 - CBT Worksheets


CBT Information Leaflets & Self Help Guides (free downloads).

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 Thought Challenge Sheet:  6 column

Thought Challenge Sheet:  7 column

STOPP Thought Challenge Sheet in 5 columns

STOPP Worksheet

Worksheets in Aphabetical order

5 Aspects with Prompts

30 day Challenge

ABC Worksheet: REBT style

ACE Log Sheet

Activity Diary

Activity & Rest Diary

Activity: Weekly Planner

ACT Worksheet

Anger Thought Record Sheet

Angry Cogs

Anorexia Thought Record Sheet

Anxiety Thought Record Sheet

Avoidance worksheet

Avoidance: FACE

BACE Daily Activity Diary / Planner

BACE Weekly Activity Diary / Planner

BACE Weekly Activity Diary / Planner with split cells

Behavioural Activation Worksheet

Behavioural Experiment Worksheet

Behavioural Experiment Record Sheet: James Bennett-Levy

Bipolar Mood Management

Body Dysmorphia Thought Record Sheet

Budgeting Worksheet

Card pack: 56 cards for self help (to purchase)

Change: advantages & disadvantages

Commitment to Life Contract

Coping Thoughts Worksheet

Coping: what will help?  Pictoral

Court Case Worksheet: alternative thought challenge

Cravings Diary

Crisis Management Plan

Critical Voice Thought Record Sheet

Dealing with Distress 5 column DBT worksheet

Dealing with Distress  8 step DBT worksheet

Delay, Distract, Decide

Depression Thought Record Sheet

3 Questions

ERP Practice Record

Exposure Homework Sheet

FACE: Avoidance

FACE: Problem Solving

Feared Situation Hierarchy

Finding Meaning in Life

Food Diary

Food Diary 2

GAD: Worry Thought Record Sheet

GAD: Beliefs about Worry Thought Record Sheet

GAD: Worry Record Thought Record Sheet

Goal Setting Worksheet

Graded Exposure worksheet

Health Anxiety Thought Record Sheet

Healthy Balance: Personal Scale 5 column

Healthy Balance: Personal Scale 3 column

Helicopter Worksheet

Hierarchy of Feared Situations

Hindsight Bias worksheet

Holidays: Happy or Horrible?

Homework Practice Record

Judge: Thought Challenge

Mood Diary  3 columns

Mood Diary with picture cues

OCD Checklist:  could this be OCD?

OCD: ERP Practice Record

OCD Obsessions & Compulsions Thought Record Sheet

OCD Perfectionism Thought Record Sheet

OCD Rituals Diary

Pain / Fatigue Diary

Panic Thought Record Sheet

Panic Diary

Panic SAEB

Perfection Scale

Personal Recovery and Maintenance Plan for Psychosis

Pictoral: Coping: what will help?

Pictoral: Emotion Picker

Pictoral:  Mood diary

Pictoral: Thought Record Sheet

Pictoral: Vicious Cycle

Positive Data Log 2 column

Positive Data Log 2 column with brief introduction

Positive Data Log with 3rd "meaning" column

Positive Personal Qualities  3 columns

Positive Personal Qualities Survey: describe me in 3 words

Positive Personal Qualities Diary

Positive Self Talk  coping thoughts worksheet

Preventing Setbacks:  relapse prevention blueprint

Problem / Goal Framework

Problem Solving Worksheet

PTSD Discrimination Worksheet for Flashbacks

PTSD Thought Record Sheet

Reality vs Expectations

Relapse Prevention blueprint

Relationship Worksheet

Responsibility Pie

Safety Plan

Safety Plan cards

Self Coaching Session Form  - for client led session

Self Compassion Thought Record Sheet

Self Esteem Thought Record Sheet

SEPTB Thought Record Sheet

Situation Logsheet

Sleep diary

SMART goals

Social Anxiety Thought Record Sheet

STOPP Thought Challenge Sheet in 5 columns

STOPP Worksheet

Sustance Misuse Workbook

Substance Use Diary

Suicidal Thoughts:  Alternative Thoughts & Actions

Suicidal Thoughts: Commitment to Life Contract

Suicidal Thoughts:  Crisis Management Plan

Suicidal Thoughts: Safety Plan

Suicidal Thoughts: Safety Plan cards

The Thermometer

Thought Challenge Sheet:  6 column

Thought Challenge Sheet:  7 column

Time Line personal history

Treatment Plan

Vicious Cycle

Vicious & Virtuous Cycles

Vicious Cycle & Alternatives

Weekly Planner

Wise Mind Worksheet

Worry (GAD) Thought Record Sheet

Worry Beliefs (GAD) Thought Record Sheet

Generic Formulations & Therapist Resources

3 Questions to ask whens starting therapy

5 Aspects Model

5 Aspects with prompts

5 Aspects: Paranoia (psychosis)

5 Aspects: Voices  (auditory hallucinations)

ABC for Paranoia (psychosis)

ABC for Voices (auditory hallucinations)

Assessment Prompt Sheet

Basic Formulation

Basic Formulation with shapes

BASIC ID  MultiModal Therapy


EMDR Prompt Sheet

EMDR: The Container

Exposure Homework Sheet

Evaluation & Closing Form

First Appointment Prompt Sheet

Habituation diagram

Homework Practice Record

Imagery for therapy

Longitudinal Formulation  Beckian style

Mental Crusher  Making experience fit with core beliefs

Mental Health CV

Mental Health CV - example

Metaphors for therapy

MultiModal Expanded Structural Profile

MultiModal Structural Profile Inventory 35 item questionnaire

MultiModal Structural Profile  7 item questionnaire

MultiModal Treatment Plan

Old System, New System

Person Centred Model

Problem / Goal Framework

PTSD Metaphor:  the processing

PWP Session Notes

Self Coaching Session Form

Session Notes

Session Notes with Prompts CTS-R help!

Session Summary & Homework Sheet

Suicidal Thoughts:  Coping

Therapy Goals

Vicious Cycle

Vicious Cogs

Vicious Cycle & Alternatives

Vicious Flower

Virtuous Flower

Vicious & Virtuous Cycles

What Now?  Ending Therapy

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