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MultiModal Therapy Self Help

Using MultiModal Therapy's BASIC I.D. acronym for the 7 modalities (aspects) of our lives, consider targeting each modality, ideally but not necessarily, in the order in which you feel would be most helpful or most appropriate for you.  Some people are more "doers" for instance, than others, so they might start with changing their Behaviour.  Others have great imaginations and think in pictures, so they might start with using imagery.

It can be helpful to consider and write down what you would like to do in each of the BASIC I.D. modalities.

  • more of, or start
  • less of, or stop

Use the links under each heading for further ideas or guidance.  Create your own Treatment Plan as a webpage or PDF file  (example plan on the MMT page).




Actions - what we do


Affect - emotions


Sensation - what we see, hear, smell, touch, taste, sexual health


Imagery - thinking in pictures, visualisation


Cognition - thinking in words, the way we think, opinions, beliefs


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